Sunday, January 10, 2010


Malaysian Newsprint Industries Sdn Bhd
Malaysia No. 1 Newsprint Producer In Malaysia

HLI has invested a total of RM 445.2 million on a pioneer investment in Malaysia's only newsprint mill. The investment comprises a 33.65% stake in Malaysian Newsprint Industries Sdn Bhd (MNI).

MNI operates a newsprint mill located in the Temerloh Industrial Park at Mentakab. MNI employs the latest technology in paper-making with an installed capacity of 250,000 tonnes of newsprint per annum. It operates a combined heat and power plant which is the dedicated supplier of power and processes steam to the newsprint mill.

MNI's operations involve recycling old newspapers and old magazines into premium paper quality for today's modern presses with reliable runnability and consistent printability. MNI ensures its customers receive superior service through faster and more uniform deliveries to eliminate transit damages, reduce delivery lead times and lower stock holdings.

The establishment of MNI meant Malaysia would have a local supply of world-class, premium grade newsprint.

MNI uses 14 megalitres of water each day. MNI is proud that our strict environmental controls and procedures ensure that the water used flows back to the river without upsetting the fragile river ecology. In fact, a 5-day retention pond in which local fish species are reared is living proof of our clean effluent.

MNI Mill (map)
Lot 3771, Temerloh Industrial Park,
28400 Mentakab,
Pahang Darul Makmur,
Tel : 09-277 9898
Fax : 09-277 9393


jarak villa baity ke MNI (Malaysia Newsprint Industries) ialah 15km
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